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Safety Tips for Holiday Parties

By Andrew Wooten
We here at SAFE hope you are having a wonderful holiday season! We want to remind you to stay diligent and alert for possible dangerous situations. We know party season is upon us. As you host and attend those holiday parties remember to always put your safety first. Besides the common safety tips, like always use a designated driver and knowing when to say when, we would also like to share other tips on party safety.

Safety Tips for Hosting a Party with Alcohol
* Have non alcoholic drinks available for guests.

* Serve food. Mini sandwiches, breaded food and cheeses are filling and will slow down the consumption of beverages. Salty foods encourage thirst, so limit these items.

* Measure the amount of alcohol poured into drinks and ensure mixers are used. this reduces the risk of intoxication.

* Monitor guests for slurred speech, staggering gaits and other signs of intoxication.

* Serving coffee will NOT help people become sober. Only time can reduce the effects of alcohol on a person.

Safety Tips-Alcohol and Driving
* Have back-up plans that include sober volunteer drivers, taxis or sleeping arrangements. Under no circumstance should a person be allowed to drive following the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

* A novel idea is to collect all keys upon arrival at a party and attach them to a gift or door prize (all within viewing) and return them to the owner prior to leaving. If a person is intoxicated, implement one of the above back-up plans and return keys at a later time.

* Remember friends take care of friends!

Safety Tips for Attending a Party with Alcohol
* Eat food. Don’t “drink your dinner.” It may come back to haunt you.

* Never drink alcohol on an empty stomach.

* Don’t drink in excess of one drink per hour. Remember…1 beer=1 shot of whiskey=1 glass of wine.

* Feel free to refuse alcohol regardless of pressure or encouragement to drink.

* Never, never, never mix alcohol and drugs. This includes prescription and over-the-counter medications.

We wish you a very Happy New Year and a prosperous 2011! Remember, “Just be safe!”


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